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I write books, magazine articles, and advertising copy of all kinds. My specialties include marketing, management, and consumer awareness. Publishers find me the kind of author they return to time and again.

I have no problem with organizing material for lengthy books, then delivering crisp copy, chapter after chapter, true to my outline. My work is tight, bright, and grammatically correct. I write columns for business and consumer audiences and craft all sorts of corporate communications, from advertising copy to websites.

Clients of all sorts find me reliable, easy to work with, and good at estimating and delivering on time. Contact me to discuss your upcoming project.

My business books:

Principles of Marketing
Bridgepoint Education, 2012, 376 pages

This textbook serves up an introduction to the concepts and processes necessary to succeed in an entry-level position in marketing, or to master more advanced college courses. This is the first textbook (and among the first books in print) to bring together traditional marketing concepts and the new marketing brought on by consumer expectations of dialogue for engagement and falling barriers to international trade.
"Your writing expertise and content knowledge were perfect for this book, and it was a pleasure working with you!" Carrie Brandt, Bridgepoint Education

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marketing
Alpha Books/Macmillan General Reference, 2003, second edition, 440 pages

This book leads you through all the basics of marketing, from understanding the marketing mix to creating a marketing plan, developing advertising for print and broadcast media, and managing related activities. It's filled with practical, how-to information. If you want to know about marketing, whether product or service, and you don't want to be bored while you're reading, this is the book you want.

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Adam's Streetwise Do-It-Yourself Advertising
Adams Publishing, 1997, 392 pages

Everything you need to know to plan and execute an advertising, direct mail, and/or publicity campaign. This comprehensive book includes lots of templates for planning and budgeting, plus great chapters on print, radio, and TV advertising — when to use these media and the technicalities of producing ads that get results. Plus lots more.


My books for credit union professionals

I have enjoyed bringing my expertise in advertising, marketing, and business management to the credit union world. The CUNA & Affiliates Center for Professional Development (CPD) provides learning opportunities for credit union staff and management in all areas of credit union operations. I have written self-paced training manuals, books and white papers for CPD.

Intranets and Credit Unions

CUNA & Affiliates Center for Professional Development, 2001, 184 pages

Intranets & Credit Unions harvests the insights of credit union human resource professionals nationwide to show how current practices in HR management are evolving through use of intranets. This book shows how intranets help credit unions maintain service quality, increase employee morale, save managers' time, and avoid legal risk and liability. It includes strategies for planning and establishing an intranet, plus information on gaining management support, defining the credit union's goals, implementing a credit union's intranet, and developing appropriate content. The core intent of the book is to help smaller credit unions achieve the advantages of intranet use.

Marketing Across the Generations: Fifty-Plus

CUNA & Affiliates Center for Professional Development, 2000, 128 pages

Credit union members over the age of fifty aren't just "silver"—they're "gold." And they comprise a diverse and active group of individuals who can't be pegged with labels like "seniors" or "matures." Marketing Across the Generations: Fifty-Plus, one of a four-part series, breaks down this larger marketing segment strategically and helps you focus on three critical subgroups, create positive promotional plans that avoid stereotypes of "aging," tap this vital segment for volunteers, and ease the transition of many baby boomers into the fifty-plus life stage.

Make Work Manageable: Time, Stress and Workload Management Strategies
CUNA & Affiliates Center for Professional Development, 2000, 138 pages

Credit union staff members spend an enormous amount of time and energy at work. Each job in the credit union carries its specific challenges. This module is geared to people who have member contact. The first three chapters tackle the deep issues: stress and where it comes from, personal values, and the psychological basis of motivation. Subsequent chapters deal with more specific situations and the skills that help you manage them.


"Sarah White offers sage and practical advice for winning marketing opportunities."

Ron Zemke
Performance Research Associates


My online columns:

My writing on marketing topics for small business appeared in Third Wave Research's demographics area on Microsoft's bCentral from 2001 to 2004. Microsoft’s bCentral portal was closed down in July 2004 as a result of a change in its business strategy. Here are links to a few of those stories.

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My writing on consumer awareness and life skills for young people appear on the Credit Union National Association’s website for young credit union members, Googolplex.


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