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First Person Productions

First Person Productions provides personal history services for individuals, families, businesses and communities — including books, interviews, workshops, and intergenerational programs.

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Memoir writing workshops:

In these workshops we explore different aspects of the writing craft. For each class meeting you will write a few pages on your life experiences. I suggest topics, but encourage you to write on whatever motivates you. Each class meeting includes time to share what you’ve written in a supportive environment. To enhance small-group interaction, enrollment is limited. Anyone age 14-114 is welcome to participate.

See my schedule of upcoming classes.

To register for any of these workshops, send me an e-mail.

“I am surprised the effect this writing class has on me. It makes my life seem more real and valuable.”

“I depend on the workshop for motivation to write.”

“I loved the chance to discuss each others’ stories.”

--(names withheld for confidentiality)


Writing: If you would like to write down your memories, I can coach you in the craft of autobiographical writing, either one-on-one or in small groups through my memoir workshops.

Interviewing: If you would like to preserve your stories through reminiscing rather than writing, I can listen. I am trained in eliciting comprehensive stories through interviews, which I record, transcribe, edit and sequence into your story, told in your own words.

Thought-provoking programs: If you would like a program on PersonalHistory for your community group or school, I can present a hands-on experience for young, old, or any group in between.

To find out more, please contact me.


More people are getting interested in preserving their memories in forms such as photography, audio and video recordings, scrapbooks, collections of family stories, and published books. At the same time, new technology such as short-run printing and DVD is expanding the possibilities for creating and distributing those memories. As a result, there is a growing business opportunity for professional services dedicated to preserving memories.

As my professional pursuits have drawn me in different directions, I have sought a way to bring my many skills "back under one umbrella." When I learned about this emerging field, I discovered my professional capabilities and my personal interests weaving together.

Through oral history work, I am weaving a greater width and depth into my life. I am looking beyond marketing/business issues to the larger narrative of American life. Because of my experience as an author, ghost-writer, and book designer, I am uniquely trained in the craft of Personal History.



"You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth."

- Shira Tehrani

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Seeking sponsors, collaborators,  and venues

I enjoy bringing Personal History programs to schools, neighborhood centers, libraries, seniors programs, writing and drama groups, and more. If your group would like to have its history recorded, or would like to sponsor an intergenerational program or writing workshop, please contact me.

My life stories

Long before I discovered professional life story work, I enjoyed writing essays drawn on my childhood memories and my travel experiences. Some of these have been published on Star Thrower, an online project dedicated to autobiographical narrative and funded by the Indiana Humanities Council.

Billy Sunday’s Ghost Resort(Winona Lake 1965)
I spent my child's summers in northeastern Indiana, visiting my relatives in a strange religious resort…

Sarah’s Italy (Tuscany 1997)
I got you here, made the arrangements that led to your waking in a rented villa with a husband beside you and his best friend across the hall…

“Luigi and the Signora” (Venice 2001)
We had walked and walked for days and days, and once or twice we’d gone into a bookstore because I was on a mission. I wanted to see if there were do-it-yourself business books here, like the ones I write. Instead I discovered a love story…

Success Is Not a Destination, It’s A Trip
(text of speech to Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs, 1998)
I started thinking about definitions of success and its dark shadow, failure, when I sold my business. I was at a Rotary Club luncheon, sitting next to a sometime/client of mine, and when I told him I was selling my business after 12 years, he asked me, "Were you successful?" The room disappeared, heaven and earth paused in their motions, while I swung in a great cold gray void…


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