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Success Is Not a Destination, It's a Trip
Road Map (2 0f 6)

My cycle of success and failure seemed to take a three-year period each time it went around. It seemed almost literally as if one journey was coming to an end, each time, and I had the opportunity to pay the fare again, sign up for another tour, or take the occasion to slip quietly out of the station. For four go-rounds, I stepped up and paid my fare and went out and back again. I'm going to tell you about those four round-trip rides, and share some observations from along the way.

How did I get to the starting point on this trip?

I grew up in Indiana the child of two writers, my father free-lancing out of our home, my mother working at a publishing company. My first memories are of fear of the normal-ness of the Indianapolis suburb where we lived. How would I ever become an interesting person, with such dull material to work with? But my family turned out to be dysfunctional enough, and I developed some quirks and dysfunctions of my own, and went away to college a bell-bottomed granola-eating, granny-glasses wearing hippie, and figured after college I'd find a nice commune to live on somewhere.

I finished a journalism degree and moved to Madison looking for those hippies and that nice commune, and worked a number of lay-out jobs, free-lanced, and so on.

I thought my big break had come when I got a job with a tiny graphic design firm called Abraxas. They had two main clients–a comic book distribution company, and a comic book publishing company. I joined a staff of four, publishing three comic titles from that little office, plus the monthly catalogs and newsletters and advertisements of the distribution company.

There were few other clients of the firm, and they were mostly rock & roll bands and the like. It was not exactly the real world.

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Road Map

Cycle 1: Exploring Partnership

Cycle 2: Destination Sole Proprietor. 1987 - 1990

Cycle 3: Destination Lean and Mean, 1990-1993

Cycle 4: Pearly Gates, 1993-1996


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